Applications of Laboratory Centrifuges

A laboratory centrifuge is a piece of equipment that is driven by a motor and spins the liquid samples at a high speed. It is used to separate substances of greater and lesser density while spinning the liquid at high speed. The type of centrifuge depends on the sample capacity. These are mainly used in the area of pharmaceuticals, hospitals, testing laboratories, blood banks to separate the components of a thick liquid.

iFuge L30

Ifuge L30-The laboratory Centrifuge

There are many applications of a Laboratory Centrifuge as listed below:

  • Laboratory Centrifuges are used to separate proteins and chemicals by spinning the mixtures for a set amount of time. It is also capable of separating plasma from blood to extract pure serums which are essential for several testing procedures.
  • It is often used in testing laboratories to segregate components of urine and blood for testing purpose.
  • These devices are very popular in blood banks especially the high speed kind. They are used to separate various components of blood and since blood banks deal with large quantity of blood such high speed devices are a boon for them.
  • The cosmetics industry is another big user of these machines to separate some natural products that are beneficial for the skin.
  • High speed centrifuges are used by the oil and petroleum industry to separate unwanted components. offer one of the most advanced laboratory centrifuges around. They are capable of handling multiple applications in hospitals and laboratories. These are microprocessor controlled and consist of a variety of rotors. It also has an advanced programmable unit included.

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