What is a Centrifuge?


Centrifuge is a kind of equipment that is generally driven by an electric motor that helps put an object in rotation around a fixed axis.

Centrifuge equipment is normally used in biochemistry, chemistry and biology in order to isolate and separate suspensions.
Above all, depending upon its speed and capacity, a centrifuge varies from each other.

Types of Centrifuge:

Centrifuge is also called as a laboratory centrifuge. Because of its various usages, they are available in different types. Let’s see various types of centrifuge.


  • Microcentrifuges are commonly used in research laboratories. With the help of micro centrifuges, one can easily process low volumes samples.
  • Microcentrifuges are available in different ranges. A range starts from personal centrifuge to refrigerated micro centrifuges.

Doctor Centrifuges:

Doctor Centrifuges

  • By its term ‘doctor’ it is identified that doctor centrifuges are useful for doctors. Yes, doctors use these centrifuges in to their clinics for clinical applications like PPP and PRP.
  • Moreover, doctor centrifuges are used in other diagnostic applications in the clinical as well as research laboratory.

Lab Centrifuges:

Lab Centrifuges

  • This is third type of centrifuge. It is known as Lab Centrifuges. These types of centrifuges have been used in multinational hospitals because of its multiple applications.
  • In addition to it, lab centrifuges are helpful in to universities, clinical laboratories, industrial laboratories, research laboratories and institutional laboratories.
  • Lab centrifuge is one of the latest equipment that has USB connectivity. Also, it is future-friendly centrifuge which has around 24 different rotor options.
  • Depending upon the requirement, you can use lab centrifuge and get maximum advantages for this modern device.
  • Whether you need doctor centrifuge, lab centrifuge or any other centrifuge, it is very much important to identify its authenticity.
  • So it is always recommended to purchase these kinds of expensive equipment from the authentic and certified manufacturers.