How to Use a Magnetic Stirrer

How a Magnetic Stirrer can help you:Magnetic Stirrer

What is uses of magnetic stirrer? If there is one device that is very useful in daily tasks and yet not in the forefront, it is the Magnetic Stirrer. A magnetic stirrer has the ability to perform all the relevant tasks in the background while you go about taking care of the more pressing and important matters. The magnetic stirrer is essentially a small bar magnet and a stand which contains a rotating magnet. The bar magnet is usually in a plastic cover and a stand or a place has the rotating magnet. Thus this setup helps creates a rotating magnetic field.

The Magnetic Stirrer has several applications and is actively used in many different industries. The main tasks it performs is to either stir or mix fluid samples. This is very useful in the food industry and chemical industry; besides which it is also used in several other industries like biotechnology.

Uses of a Magnetic Stirrer:

A magnetic stirrer is often also known as magnetic stir plates. Several firms and people who often conduct chemical and biological experiments find these magnetic stirrer. If you have a requirement where the sample components need to be mixed a magnetic stirrer is the device for you. It is possible to use either liquids or solids samples to obtain a homogeneous liquid mixture. For example, the bacterial growth media is a kind of sample used in with the magnetic stirrer.

How to use your Magnetic Stirrer:Magnetic Stirrer

The way the Magnetic Stirrer works that an external magnetic field is applied to the magnetic stirrer mix solution. This happens when the sample that you have placed in the stirrer starts rotating with the small bar magnet. The magnetic stirrer is a fairly small device and hence it is very easy to use in a laboratory.

Benefits of using a Magnetic Stirrer:

A magnetic stirrer plays important role in minimizing the risk of contamination since there is only an inert magnet bar that is placed inside the sample (fluid). It is very easy to keep this device clean. A manual stirrer is different from the magnetic one. The magnetic stirrer is vital for the process of reproducible mixing or mixing for long period of time. In the case where you require the process of protein dialysis to be performed on a sample, you will be required to place the sample in the stirrer for a very long time. In fact many laboratories prefer overnight sample mixing thus enabling them to utilize valuable time. This would be possible only with a Magnetic Stirrer and not the manual kind.

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Magnetic Stirrer a brief guide

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A magnetic stirrer is laboratory equipment that is used to create a rotating magnetic field. The magnetic stirrer has a small bar magnet and a stand or plate containing a rotating magnet. Additionally the bar magnet is coated with plastic and plate that contains a rotating magnet. Thus a rotating magnetic field can be created with the help of a rotating magnet.

Magnetic stirrer Maintenance and Repairs:

A magnetic stirrer like any other laboratory device needs proper care and regular maintenance. Thus if your are wondering how to reduce maintenance costs of a Magnetic Stirrer, here are the following points you must take a note off :

  • The magnetic stirrer must never be immersed in water or a cleaning solution of any kind.
  • It is very easy to damage the surface of the equipment if you use chlorine based cleaning agents, cleaning wool or cleaning agents that contain metal parts or ammonium. Thus special care must be taken.
  • The magnetic stirrer in almost maintenance free. The protective film on the standing surface can be left as it is if desired as well.
  • It is good practice to clean the surfaces of the magnetic stirrer with a moist cloth on a regular basis.
  • The magnetic stirrer can be cleaned with either water containing a surfactant detergent additive or isopropanol.
  • It is advisable to change the status of the magnetic stirrer to standby mode, making sure the digital display disappears before cleaning it.
  • Also make sure you disconnect the secondary power cable from the magnetic stirrer prior to cleaning.
  • The equipment must be thoroughly checked before each use and in case you notice an defect in the power cable, secondary cable or the mains plugs, they must be replaced immediately with the recommended replacement.
  • Any necessary repairs on the equipment must be carried out only the authorized service agent.
  • In case the magnetic stirrers needs to be shipped to the authorized service agent for repairs, you should make sure that device is packed properly to prevent any transit damage.

Using the Magnetic Stirrer safely:

Every device has an instruction manual with instructions on how to operate it. Some devices are need to be operated by taking certain precautions as well, especially laboratory devices were experiments are conducted using several different kinds of substances. Here are a few tips on how to use a magnetic stirrer safely:

  • Always be on the lookout for any warning signs, since you can prevent anything from going wrong before it happens that way.
  • Never use the Magnetic stirrer (along with the power supply unit) in a humid room or in a place where there is a possibility of water splashes.
  • Install the Magnetic Stirrer in a place which usually has a constant temperature.
  • Other devices like pace makers, watches etc., can be affected by the Magnetic Stirrer and thus it is best to keep magnetic or metallic parts away from it.
  • It is good practice to turn off the Magnetic Stirrer and remove the samples once the stirring is complete.

Role of the Magnetic Stirrer:

The Magnetic Stirrer is a device that is used in many different industries, however it is mainly used in the pharmaceutical and food industry. It allows the mixing of reactants at a uniform temperature. It is possible to prevent violent boiling in a sealed container while boiling. A Magnetic Stirrer can also be used to accelerate the reaction rate and the evaporation rate. Thus how you use the Magnetic Stirrer depends solely on your requirements.