Definition and Functioning of Clinical Centrifuge

Clinical Centrifuge Definition

Clinical centrifuge machines are the most basic machineries in any clinic. These equipment are used to test liquid found inside the living being. It separates plasma from the blood. It rotates on the axis on fixed density, sometimes 1500 RPM in one minute. The timer button is given on the equipment. The person who is performing the test sets the timer as per the test requirement.

Basically, how does clinical centrifuge functions?

It is a small equipment, and can be found in any biotechnology school and college lab. This machine is fixed on the axis which rotates in high speed in the same location and in the same speed. The laboratory person inserts the liquid in the tube and places a cap on it. The tubes can be of either plastic or glass. The capacity of the tubes vary from 10 ml to 100 ml. Then he or she inserts the tube in the equipment and shuts it. Timer is set with the required RPM. It works on the sedimentation principle where parts of water are separated (if you remember the chapter of sedimentation studied in the school). The same way particles are separated. The heavy density particles stays in the bottom and the light weighted comes up.

As per the need and requirement these following types of centrifuge can be used;

1. Micro Centrifuge
2. General purpose centrifuge
3. Large capacity
4. Super speed

Clinical Centrifuge UseDoctor Clinical Centrifuge

However, the type of fluid separation depends up on the density. And the density is determined by the type of centrifuge. When we say separation it means, separating plasma from the blood, protein from the fluid, other solid particles from the fluid. It also separates sediments from the urine. Such tests determine the type of disease in the living being.

Beside, density and timer there is a button called temperature. Different different tests require varied temperature, some require less and some require high.

These are the most common tests happen in the clinical centrifuge laboratory. It was earlier used to separate DNA from the blood, but now there are more advance technologies available for separating the DNA, and thus it is less popular in the centrifuge lab.

Training of Operation

The equipment comes with in-build safeguards. It is recommended to the laboratory operators to clean all the equipment in the lab twice a year.

Balancing of tubes is very important during the run. Make sure all the tubes are placed in front of each other to avoid unbalancing.

If, in case, equipment require extensive and frequent services, it is better to replace.

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How to Save Money by Purchasing Used doctor’s/medical Centrifuges

iFuge D06

There are many medical equipment manufacturers who produce latest and modern medical equipments, laboratory centrifuges, clinic centrifuges and other instruments. But, new instruments always have higher price when compared to recertified equipments.

So, if you are willing to save money buying centrifuges, you only have an option of purchasing used medical centrifuges from doctors’. But, never be in hurry while buying precious medical centrifuges because it is better to verify if it works properly.

Centrifuges are very important equipments for hospitals, clinics and laboratories. Hence, buying requires lots of validation, especially buying recertified centrifuges. Here are some important points that can help you purchase best used medical centrifuges.

Advanced Features:

When you are in need of used centrifuges, equipment experts always recommend that you purchase those medical equipments that have advanced features. Moreover, check out each and every feature that fulfills your specific requirements of scrutinizing and diagnosing blood reports.

Some established laboratory equipment stores also provide highest quality centrifuges at cheaper rates. But, one needs to authenticate if your selected model gives best output and provides accurate results.

Provide Proper Diagnosis:

Medical centrifuges are bought with specific objective. Therefore, it must be fulfilled while purchasing used centrifuges. So, look out for those equipments which provide perfect particle separation according to shape, density, size and viscosity. It is very important to know its accuracy and speed.

A Reliable Laboratory Supplier:

If you are just starting clinics or hospitals and simultaneously want to save money than buying used centrifuges is a right decision. But, you should buy it from a reliable laboratory supplier like Neuation. In this way, you can surely get high quality instrument along with its efficiency and durability.

Above all, always be sure that recertified centrifuges produce accurate and accountable reports and results. Once you find laboratory centrifuges that meet your requirements with quality assurance, go ahead and buy them. Isn’t it quite simple to purchase used or doctor’s medical equipment?

Things to Consider When Buying doctor’s/medical Centrifuges for Medical Laboratories

iFuge D06

Centrifuges are very important equipment’s in hospital laboratories and health clinics. They are used for diagnosing blood reports and separating liquid and fluids. Therefore, it is essential to take note of some essential points before buying medical centrifuges for medical laboratories.

Mainly, medical centrifuges are used in doctors’ offices, clinics, hospitals and laboratories. Depending upon the requirements of centrifuges, one can buy them. But, here are few points that can help them buy the best centrifuges.


Centrifuges are available in different types like micro centrifuge, PCR, Plasma Preparation, Cytology, Bench top and Microhematocrit. So, it is but natural that as per your specific needs you can purchase any of the centrifuges and gain maximum benefits out of it.


Accuracy is one of the crucial points that you need to verify before you buy it. And therefore, you ought to visit one of the trusted medical equipment manufacturers like Neuation, an ISO 13485: 2003 lab Equipment Company that strictly follows ISO 9001:2008 management system.


When you are about to invest thousands of bucks, firstly you should ask manufacturer about its warranty. If a manufacturer provides a warranty for the purchased equipment, you can make a deal.

Features & Technical Specifications:

Depending upon your requirements, you need to check out the features and specifications of centrifuges. Different centrifuges have different technical specifications and features. But you can be sure about its feasibility in your laboratory like:

  • Applications & Capability
  • Speed (RPM)
  • Motor & Noise Level
  • Programmable or Standard
  • Dimension of the Tubes


Above all factors, budget is the heart of buying any centrifuge. So, as soon as you select any centrifuge for your clinic or laboratory, kindly get informed about its budget so that you can decide whether to buy it or not. If the budget doesn’t match your pocket, you can buy re certified models in cheaper rates.

Service and Repair:

It’s also important to verify if a supplier or a manufacturer provides in-house service and repair the equipment whenever it is required.

Thus, these important points can help you buy the best and appropriate medical centrifuges as per your requirements.