What Are A Centrifuge And The Theory Behind It

A centrifuge is basically a machine that spins around to create a force. It has many practical purposes like to separate blood products which help in the analysis of the blood. It also has many other practical applications in aerospace labs where huge centrifuges are used for testing the endurance of space equipment.

How do Centrifuges Work?How do Centrifuges Work?

A centrifuge works on the basic principle of the force that is generated when you spin something. For example, when sitting in a merry go round while spinning at high speed you will feel a force that hurls you out of your seats but you still remain in your seat. This is an invisible force and is also the basis of how a centrifuge works. The fact of the matter is that this invisible force so to speak is called centripetal force. The basic principle behind the working of a centrifuge is the fact that denser substances and particles move towards the outward direction due to the centripetal acceleration. This also causes the less dense objects to move the center. The centripetal force is the force that acts on a moving body that is moving in a circular path and is directed towards the center of the body in motion.

What do Centrifuges do?

Centrifuges are used for scientific purposes in several chemical laboratories. It is thus possible to separate red blood cells suspended in blood plasma. Thus if a test-tube with a blood sample is placed in a centrifuge, you will find that the plasma is suspended at the top and the red blood cells at the bottom. What are centrifuges used for? Centrifuges are commonly used chemical and medical laboratories around the world. It has the ability to spin the sample at high speeds. A sample is usually placed inside the centrifuge with a tight latch to keep the lid in place. When in operation, this device spins at high speeds causing vibration and at times can be displaced by the force too. Hence the centrifuge needs to be placed in a sturdy place.

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