The Complete Guide to Magnetic Stirrers and Their Components

It is quite common for a medical laboratory or a chemical laboratory to have a few instruments and devices to help them conduct their research or analysis. In fact, just about any laboratory, be it biological or academic is bound to have a large number of devices. Magnetic Stirrer is one device that is extremely useful and hence present in almost all laboratories. It is a vital device that is necessary for research work, product development and to aid in other analytical projects.

A magnetic stirrer is a fairly compact unit that can usually reside on a stable platform. It is mainly used to mix or stir fluid samples. It is popular amongst the chemical, food and biotech industries.

Components of a Magnetic Stirrer:

Components of a Magnetic Stirrer

The main components of a Magnetic Stirrer are as listed here:

  • Size
  • Heating element (hotplate)
  • Microprocessor Control Unit
  • Motor that helps drive the internal magnet
  • Timer

How it Works:

The way this works is by immersing a coated magnet in the sample container. The sample can be placed in a flat or round bottomed laboratory flask or some similar device. This is usually a bar magnet that is used in the flask, however the type of magnet largely depends on the size of the container being used. Hence there are other options beside using a bar magnet, like pellet, oval or egg. This container is then placed on a base that consists of an external magnet capable of being rotated with the help of a motor. Thus the stirring that occurs is as a result of the external and internal magnets and the rotation caused due to the motor.

Control Panel of the Magnetic Stirrer Control Panel:

The magnetic stirrer is a device that is very easy to operate, however the control panel of each model is slightly different. Here are several control options found on many Magnetic Stirrers:

  • Normal start and shut down
  • Heating plate controllers
  • Magnetic Motor controls
  • Temperature control
  • Motor RPM
  • Probe and Safety temperature
  • Ramp and Timer

Other useful features of a Magnetic Stirrer:

The magnetic stirrers that have a temperature probe, often have additional features like a safety shut down on high temperature as per the set options and temperature control for the hot plate. In addition to which the magnetic stirrers also have record keeping feature as well.

Neuation’s Magnetic Stirrer:

Neuation’s Magnetic Stirrer

Neuation is leading the way in the development of several laboratory equipment and devices. They are experts in developing new and innovative products to suite the requirements of people using such devices like the hot plate, a centrifuge, the magnetic stirrer and many more. These devices are often used in a laboratory and for educational purposes.

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