Hot Plates – The Essential Laboratory Equipment

What are hotplates?What are hotplates?

A hotplate is a highly portable device that can have up to two gas burners. There are two sizes of hotplates available though. One is the single burner and the bigger one and the other is the double burner one. There are two types of burners available too and it can also be a heating element (electric too) for some. The portable one is small enough to be used on the table top as a standalone device. The main feature of hot plate is that it does not require any other resource except electricity to operate.

What is a hot plate used for in the lab?The hot plate is a vital device that is used in a laboratory to heat samples

The hot plate is a vital device that is used in a laboratory to heat samples. The fact that it has the ability to heat the sample without any exposed flames is one of the major advantages. It is a device that can be used on a daily basis for temperatures as high as 100 degrees and even higher.

It is important to check material of the hot plate surface. There is a big advantage of using a flat plate however the hot plate can be made from several materials like ceramic, aluminium or enamel. An aluminium heating plate can distribute the heat evenly and that too quite fast and efficiently. It is a device that is easy to clean and maintain as well. Although care must be taken against corrosion.

The other materials used to make a hot plate are ceramic and enamel. These too have their own unique characteristics. They are both considered to be more durable in terms to handling temperature as well as strong chemicals. These plate can resist higher temperature and are also sensitive to color change. Hence the color change due while heating of plate is more noticeable.

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