Centrifuge Cleaning Tips to Ensure An Efficient Centrifuge

A centrifuge device is quite in many laboratories. In fact, most of the hospitals and other chemical & biological laboratories cannot do without one. This is device has many applications and high usage. The way the device works is that it spins the sample which is likely to be a fluid sample at high speeds. It often happens that there are spills and hence it is necessary to make sure that the device is kept clean. In addition to which the centrifuge is also used for toxic samples hence this makes it more important that the centrifuge is clear of any foreign particles. Thus centrifuge cleaning is important and here are a few tips to help with the centrifuge cleaning procedure.

Maintenance tips for Centrifuge device:

  • The outside of the centrifuge can be cleaned with a soft cloth and should be done gently. It is permissible to use mild soap or even a commercial soap product along with water to wipe it clean.
  • It is recommended one uses a domestic cleaner with pH 6 or pH 8 for the general cleaning of the lid and case as well as control panel of the centrifuge.
  • The inside of a centrifuge is not always manufactured from the same material. The material used inside the centrifuge can either be plastic, ceramic, aluminium or stainless steel. Hence while bleach may be good for one of the surfaces it is not good for stainless steel surface. Hence the safest way to ensure the inside of the centrifuge is kept clean is to check the manual for the centrifuge which should clearly state what to use.
  • In case a radioactive sample has been used, it is possible to use a solution with 70% ethanol and 10% sodium dodecyl sulphate in water. The parts can be rinsed in ethanol first and then de-ionized with water.
  • Some of the centrifuges make the job of maintenance easier. This is because some centrifuge devices have a system called ‘Clean in place’ (CIP). This system can effectively the parts of the centrifuge automatically.
  • The build of moisture inside the centrifuge should be prevented by taking proper steps and cleaning or wiping are regular intervals.
  • Some of the centrifuge devices have a vacuum system. This system is often found on the high speed centrifuge devices. Such devices will always have a rubber seal too. To ensure proper operation, it is vital that these rubber seals are kept clean.
  • Besides which there are other centrifuges devices which also have fans and refrigeration. Such device are likely to have an air filter. It is vital the air filter on such devices be kept clean.

Important factors to be aware off during maintenance of centrifuge:

  • A centrifuge device can have a temperature feature and hence it would have an optical sensor or a temperature sensor within the bowl. These sensors can be very sensitive and hence utmost care is required while cleaning them.
  • For a centrifuge that spins at a very high speed it is very important that it be placed on a level surface. Furthermore, the centrifuge device is likely to have stoppers underneath which can come lose or detached while cleaning. It is thus important to ensure that they are firmly fitted after completing the maintenance procedure.

Scheduling Maintenance & getting professional help:

It is a good idea to schedule the regular maintenance of your centrifuge device. This way you can be sure that the device ready to use when you need it.

The maintenance is something that can either be done by yourself or by taking help of the professionals. However, there are some situations in which you should always take help from the professionals as listed here.

  • In case of unusual sounds like knocking or scraping or grinding noise it is a good idea to call in the professionals for a closer inspection of the device.
  • The centrifuge devices can be quite sensitive. Hence in case of a spill or a leak it is at times hard to remove the spilled sample. In such cases it is also a good idea to call in the professionals.

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