Introduction to Magnetic Stirrer

Introduction to Magnetic Stirrer

A magnetic stirrer as the name suggests is a stirrer which makes use of a magnet. The basic concept of the Magnetic Stirrer is quite simple, in the sense that it is meant for the process of stirring. Although it is possible to stir manually it is not always feasible to do so considering that many processes especially those in a chemical laboratory are required to be stirred for an extended amount of time. In addition to which even home brewers make use of Magnetic stirrers not to mention it being used for research and medicine as well.

A magnetic stirrer has the ability to stir fluid fast, unattended and without even opening the container. Now that we know what is a magnetic stirrer, here is some more information on the device.

Magnetic Stir Bar

A magnetic stirrer makes use of a magnetic stir bar which is essentially a magnet that is encased. The way this works is that the magnet is immersed in the liquid that needs to be stirred. The encased magnet will not react with the liquid due to the material of the case. In addition to which the magnets itself are prepared in such a way that that they do not react with any liquid. This is often done by coating them in layer of Teflon (PTFE).

Working of the Magnetic Stirrer

The magnetic stirrer consists of two magnets. One of them is the magnetic stir bar as already described. There is another magnet used externally to generate a magnetic field with the magnetic stir bar that is immersed in the liquid.

These magnets are setup in such a way that the magnet inside the container is made to spin with the external magnet due to the magnetic field that is generated. The enternal magnet is usually associated with the stir plate underneath the container.

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