What is a lab magnetic stirrer?


  • A lab magnetic stirrer is a device that is used in biological laboratories for example microbiology labs. Due to its characteristics, it is also known as a magnetic mixture.
  • The main task of a magnetic stirrer is to cause a stir bar absorbed in a liquid to spin quickly.
  • Biological laboratories and microbiological laboratories make use of magnetic mixer stirrer as it is small in size and easy to move it from one place to another.
  • Even, this device is easily cleansed and sterilized than any other laboratory equipment.
  • When it comes to comparing magnetic mixture to motorized stirrer, more often researchers prefer magnetic stirrer because of its features and quality usage.
  • Moreover, it saves lot of times because it gives result within no time. This helps researchers provide necessary details with proper information and analysis.
  • Though there are drawbacks of magnetic mixture, still lab technicians use it because of its authenticity and perfection in any report and research.
  • One of the negative aspects of this laboratory equipment is its limited size of stirring bar.
  • With its limitation, it can be used for small experiments comparing to some other lab devices. While for the larger volumes, other mechanical stirring devices are used in order to get expected results.
  • Apart from this, magnetic stirrer is mostly used in chemistry laboratories as it is light in weight and efficient in delivering diagnosis or reports.
  • Without any kind of lubrication, it works smoothly. And depending upon its usage, researchers or technicians can place it inside the closed vessels or systems and it doesn’t require any complicated rotary seals.
  • In some usages, it requires hot plates or other equipment for heating the liquid so that an authentic report can be generated without any inadequacy.
  • Thus, one can get maximum benefits out of magnetic stirrers or mixtures while using them in chemistry laboratory or microbiology laboratory.

How To Choose Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer from Different Types of Hot Plates?

Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer

A hotplate is a portable device that usually has up to two gas burners. Although the highly portable ones will have only a single burner and the bigger ones can have more than two burners. The type of burners can differ too, for some it may be a heating element (electric too). The portable versions are small self-contained table top appliances and can used as a standalone device. The most practical use of a hotplate is for the preparation of food in places where a kitchen stove is not practical to install. The added advantage being that a hot plate is highly portable and hence can transported easily.

Laboratory Hot Plates:Laboratory Hot Plates

The hot plates that are used in the laboratory are for a different purpose that the industrial ones. For example they are used to heat glassware or the contents. In addition to which there are several other types of hot plates that also have additional features and be useful as a magnetic stirrer. Thus the heated liquid can also be stirred with ease.

There are generally two main methods used to heat glassware in a laboratory as mentioned here:

Suspending Glassware: This is a novel method of heating glassware without direct contact. The glassware is suspended slightly above the hotplate surface. The main purpose being to reduce the rate of heating of the glass which effectively results in uniform heating. Although this cannot be used for all the substances and is mainly useful for substances with a low boiling point.

Teepee Setup: This method also includes suspending the glassware or flask above the hotplate and then surrounding it by a skirt of tinfoil. This tinfoil has to be arranged such that it starts at the neck of the flask and drapes down to the surface of the plate. This is arranged such that it covers the majority of the plate surface. This method is implemented if the glassware is to be heated at a higher temperature.

These are economical methods of heating the glassware and at the same time there is no need to wait and use a bath to cool it down later. Thus it is usually implemented in a student laboratory.

Industrial Hot Plates:

The hot plate is also used for several industrial applications and are available in several sizes like from 2 to over 300 square cm. The operating temperature of the device varies between 100 to 750 degrees centigrade. The power requirements of the device range from 120 volts to 480 volts. Since it is for industrial purpose it can withstand a heavy load of more than 150lbs.

There are industrial hot plates available for a special purpose that are often referred to as heated chucks. There are usually for industrial purpose and incorporate a porous heated plate. The way this works is the plates are used to heat thin films evenly by drawing the film firmly on the plate with a vacuum. This is a very popular with the manufacturing of semiconductors.

In addition to this the hot plates that are used in the chemical industry which make use of toxic chemicals are referred to corrosion resistant hot plates. These hot plates make use of special protective coating which is generally used in mining.

There are several other industrial applications of a hot plate like in the electronic industry for soldering and desoldering components, to fuse plastic pipes (butt fusion), etc.

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