An introduction to Magnetic Stirrer and brief information about the general assembly

The Magnetic Stirrer is commonly found in chemistry and biology laboratories since it serves a vital function that is required for several experiments and processes.

Magnetic Stirrer

This instrument is also referred to as magnetic stir plates; hence in case you were wondering “what is stirrer” you can rest assured it is the same as a magnetic stir plate.

Know that we know what is a stir plate, we can take a look at some more details about the device.

More in-depth look at what is a stirrer:

  • The main purpose of a magnetic stirrer is to mix several substances, either solids or liquids which results into a homogeneous liquid mixture.
  • Some of the practical uses include bacterial growth and also buffer solutions.
  • The magnetic stirrers work in a unique method using an external magnetic field. This external magnetic field rotates the small magnetic bar that needs to be placed inside the mixture. This causes the rotation to occur.
  • One the main advantages of using a magnetic stirrer is that there is almost no risk of contamination occurring.
  • There are several substances that require to be mixed for considerable amount of time like 5 to 10 hours. It is hard to achieve such a feat of consistent speed and good stirring for so long on a manual stirrer.
  • A magnetic stirrer can be setup with the necessary substances to mix and allowed to run unattended. This means that the long mixing process can even be done overnight (which saves time) and is more efficient.

Brief introduction into the assembly of a Magnetic Stirrer:

Magnetic Stirrer

  • The first step is motor assembly which involves using a motor, a hardboard and the magnet. The magnet is attached to the motor with the help of a hardboard.
  • The motor needs to be put in place in the right manner using the right screws and frame since it is vital that it remains in place when operational.
  • The second module is the speed control of the motor. The circuit for this is available and can be prepared on a PCB along with the necessary components.
  • Next comes the installing the battery and the LED.
  • Then comes the final assembly that include putting all together.

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