Process to craft a Homemade Magnetic Stirrer at a low cost

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A magnetic stirrer is a device that can be used for mixing of various liquids. The rotating magnetic field used in these stirrers cause the stir bar to spin very quickly, result of which is the stirring of liquids the stir bar is dipped into.

Although magnetic stirrers are available in the market but to save on the cost the same can also be formed with the help of old scrap parts of computer and bit of other things. Let’s discuss in brief as how to perform the task of homemade magnetic stirrer.

Required Items:

  • Neodymium Magnet

  • 80mm 12-volt DC fan (used in desktop computers)

  • Some Nuts, bolts & washers

    • #6-32 x 2” machine screws

    • #6-32 machine screw nuts

    • #6 metal washers

  • External Hard Drive case

  • Flask

  • Magnetic Stir bar


  1. Selection of Fan: Arrange for an 80mm 12-vold DC fan (suitable for 1-L flask) which is easily available with electronic retailers or you can take out the fan used in any of the scrap desktop laying at your house. The fan offered by the computer part maker Antec is the best in configuration. It would be great to use a fan that has a molex connector and built-in speed selector to avoid prolonged process and for smooth operation of stir plate.

  2. Magnet Sourcing: With the help of screw drivers the magnet can be obtained from an old hard drive or can be purchased from retailers in case of non-availability of old hard drives.

  3. Preparing the Fan for use as the stir plate motor: With the help of the multi-surface adhesive, balance and stick the magnet at the central round surface of the fan. For this first place the magnet at the centre of the fan then check if it is well balances (as proper balancing is very essential) and put a mark on the edges and remove the magnet. Give instructed time to the glue to dry for best results.

  4. If wobbling of the stir plate worries you then it would be a better option to test the stir plate after putting a 2/3rd filled 1-L flask on top of it. Because of the weight all the vibration and trembling will be diminished.

  5. Final Preparation: Although the magnetic stirrer can be created by using a wooden cigar box also instead of the external hard drive case but using the hard drive case always makes the work easier. Main advantages of using hard drive cases are:

  1. Built in power supply

  2. Inexpensive hard drive cases

  3. Preinstalled small fan inside to expel heat

Now firstly clean the case and try to make some space inside by cutting or unplugging the hard drive data cable which looks like a wide plastic ribbon. For mounting the fan you will need to use the screws, nuts and washers. By putting the fan on the top centre you can mark four holes where after drilling your screws, neoprene washer and nuts can be fixed. The only thing you need to make sure is that the fan spins freely without any obstacles.

You can also mount the fan with the help of adhesive instead of the screws; just confirm the free spinning of the fan. Now power the fan by connecting it with the inbuilt 4-pin power connector and that’s it. Connect the drive’s plug with the wall socket and use the homemade magnetic stirrer created at a very low cost. Start off with a slow speed and rationally increase the speed when the plate starts to spin smoothly.

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