Magnetic Stirrer – A Simple Yet Effective Device

 Magnetic Stir bar

It often happens that someone has no idea what is a Magnetic Stirrer. The fact is that the same process that a Magnetic Stirrer performs is possible via a manual stirrer and hence many may not have had the need for a magnetic one. Although both do have the same outcome they are used in different applications.

A magnetic stirrer is essentially a laboratory equipment which is used to create a rotating magnetic effect. But that is not all an additional bar magnet coated with plastic and a plate is also used. The plate is what contains the rotating magnet.

Main tasks of a Magnetic Stirrer:i Stir Uno

A magnetic stirrer is a very useful device commonly found in laboratories. The main functions and uses are:

  • It is commonly used for chemical experiments.
  • The magnetic stirrer is invaluable in the biology research and processes.
  • In the case you need to mix the components (can be both, either solid or liquid) to obtain a homogeneous liquid mixture the magnetic stirrer comes in handy.
  • A manual stirrer can also do the same job however there is a big difference on the applications. For example there are some samples that take a very long time to process on a magnetic stirrer. In fact they take so long that they usually need to be left to their job overnight to save valuable day time.

The way it works is an external magnetic field is applied to the magnetic stirrer mix solution. This helps rotate the small magnet bar that is placed in the mixture (sample). The effect created on the by the fast rotating magnetic fields helps stir the sample. These are generally very small devices and easily fit in a small space in your libratory.

Benefits of using a Magnetic Stirrer:

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  • With a magnetic stirrer the risk of contamination is greatly reduced. The reason being that there is only a magnet that is placed inside the fluid sample.
  • The magnetic stirrer can be used for processes that take a long time like protein dialysis.

Neuation to the Rescue:

Neuation for Magnetic Stirrer

Neuation is one place that offers good quality laboratory equipment and that includes Magnetic stirrer as well. Although this is a fairly simple device that can even be created my yourself in the form a science experiment there are several types of Magnetic stirrers. Some of the more popular magnetic stirrers are:

  • Magnetic mini stirrer
  • Magnetic stirrer with timer
  • Battery powered magnetic stirrer
  • Air operated turbine magnetic stirrer
  • Heavy Duty Magnetic Stirrer

Neuation has a special team that is involved in Research and development. This team makes sure that the products we deliver are technically and practically sound and be adapted for large range of applications.

How to make a magnetic stirrer

How to make your own magnetic stirrer:

magnetic stirrer

A magnetic stirrer the device to use if you need to mix a solution since this device can rapidly rotate and stir. It utilizes a general bar magnet which is coated with plastic. A plate is also used which contains a rotating magnet. A rotating magnetic field is created with the help of the magnet that is rotating. This is a device that is quite poplar in the medical community. In fact a laboratory is not complete without one. From chemical to biological to medical, it has numerous applications The best part of it is that it is a fairly simple device and you could even make your own magnetic stirrer. May be not a state of the art one but surely a basic as an experiment of some kind.

Steps to make your own portable magnetic stirrer:

To start with you the items mentioned below:

  • Computer fan
  • Small Magnets
  • Moldable plastic
  • Power source (batteries)
  • Super glue

Once you have collected the items mentioned follow the steps mentioned below to make yourself a magnetic stirrer.

1 – Prepare the fan: Make sure the fan is clean and ready to use then check the wire of the fan. There are usually only two wires however if three then the white wire will be a tachometer and is not required. The other two, one red and other black will the ones used. The magnets will have to be glued on to ends of the center circle of the fan. Make sure it sticks well since the head will rotate when the fan switched on.

2 – Place spacer over the fan: The fan will need to be covered by a platform. This will be the main platform to place the sample to be stirred. However it may be difficult to directly place the platform over the fan since it may conflict with the fan. Hence first insert spacers on the four corners of the fan frist.

3 – The Stir Bar: The other magnet required is the stir bar which will need to be made from two magnets. These are embedded in a moldable plastic container of hot water till it turns clear. The next step is to place two magnets on to the plastic and surround it with more moldable plastic so that it covers the magnets. The edges should then be rounded off and molded till the bar is roughly cylindrical and the embedded disk magnet is inside.

4 – Powering up: Finally a power source is required to power the fan. The computer fan is typically a 12v one and hence can be either powered by a few batteries or an adapter of 12 volts both of which are easy to get your hands on.

Neuation ISO 13485: 2003 certified lab equipment manufacturing enterprise:

Neuation ISO 13485: 2003 certified company

That is about it your are done and have yourself a working magnetic stirrer that can be useful for a few basic tasks. However there are many types of magnetic stirrers available that can be used for may different purposes. For example there s the battery powered stirrer, the heavy duty magnetic stirrer and the air operated turbine magnetic stirrer. Hence for the more professional and innovative stirrer you can turn to Neuation. The fact is that Neuation has a R & D Team of highly skilled researchers who constantly innovate and hence their products are unique and off good quality.

Neuation also offers special high strength Magnetic Stir bars coated with inert and durable PTFE material. 1 such spin bar is currently supplied with the Stirrer itself. Neuation also offers the Stir bars for independent purchase.