Function and Uses of a Medical Centrifuge

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A centrifuge is an instrument that makes use of the principle of centrifugal force. The basis centrifugal force lies in how the force is being applied. Centrifugal force is essentially an outword pusing force that is felt by bodies moving in a circular motion. As you may have noticed I mentioned the force is felt by the bodies and not applied because there is no direct force being applied in the outward direction. Hence it is also often referred to as a fictitious force.

This force that is felt by the bodies in circular motion is due to the inertia and inward pushing exteranal forace. The centrifugal device makes use of this theory while spinning samples at high speeds.

Applications of a Medical Centrifuge:

A Centrifuge is found in almost every medical laboratory, be it a hospital, a research laboratory or a private practice. This is a versatile, efficient and extensivley used device with some it’s applications mentioned here:

  • Blood Sample Separation: A centrifuge uses small samples of liquid in the form of tube samples to process. It is capable of separating blood samples into upper plasma layer, a thin interface layer consisting of white blood cells and platelets as well as a lower layer consisteing of red blood cells.

  • DNA/ RNA Separation: This is a two step process which involves spinning the sample at top speed for a short while and later carrying out the second step in the laboratory using chemcials.

  • Cell Culture Separation: The process of cell culture separation is possible by using a sample in conical tubes. This process is possible with the help of a centrifuge.

  • Others: There are several other applications of a medical centrifuge that includes study of viruses, proteins, nucleic acids, polymers and blood . There are also several other centrifuge devices besides the medical centgrifuge that can be used for many different applicatoins like in the petroleum industry as well as cosmetic industry.


ā€œA medical centrifuge is a simple device that spins samples in a tube.ā€ This is a vage description of a centrifuge. However a centrifuge is much more that just a simple device and hence has several good and useful features that you can take advantage off:

  • Cooled Samples: There is the option of going for the refrigerated centrifuge device which has the ability to keep the samples cool and in a state that preserves the sample.

  • Size: The centrifuge is available in several sizes which at times also depends on the power of the device. A device with high RPM will generally be heavier and larger. A centrifuge needs to be placed on a very sturdy table so that there are movements due to the virartions it

generates. Hence a portable centrifuge will ideally be a small one with low power.

  • Others: A centrifuge has several other features and funcitons that can make it easier, safer and more effecient. For example an autopmatic lid lock can avoid a big mess in terms of spills due to a lose tube or unsecured tube.. At the same time an auto shut down feature when the lid is openned is also a good safety feature that can prevent accidents. Many of the devices have varying speed levels and are also programmable thus adding to the number of appilcations.


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