The perfect Medical Centrifuge

iFuge D06

Of all the medical equipment found in medical laboratories, the Medical Centrifuge is one of the most common one. Almost all laboratories will have a requirement for a centrifuge, be it in a hospital, a medical laboratory or a private practice of some kind. Since this device is so much in demand, it is necessary to be careful while making the purchase so that you do not end up with the wrong or defective one.

Here are a few factors that are listed that you should take into consideration while obtaining a good medical Centrifuge.


The centrifuge is mainly sued to separate solid from liquid suspension and thus has many applications like:

  • Science and Medical laboratories to separate proteins and chemicals.
  • For several non-hazardous substances like urine or blood.
  • Blood banks usually require high speed centrifuge
  • Pharmaceutical companies also make use of it
  • The Petroleum industry also makes use of a centrifuge, although it is different from the medical centrifuges used for medical purpose.
  • The sugar industry uses it to separate sugar from liquor too.
  • Life Science and testing laboratories.

Hence it becomes essential to make some knowledge of the type of the centrifuge that you require. The main factors to look our for are:

Spin Speed:

Hence it becomes essential to have some knowledge of the type of the centrifuge that you require. Special importance needs to be given to the speed of the centrifuge, since that is the main factor in a centrifuge. The revolutions per minute tend to vary from device to device. The main factors to look our for are:

  • What you need to spin?

  • The speed at which you need to spin it.

  • How long do you need to spin it?

  • The programmable flexibility.

  • Being able to pre-program the speed settings.

  • Do the settings give you precise control?


But that is not all, a centrifuge is available in several sizes as well. Size is important, depending on the application and also on how much space you have in the laboratory. The reason being that a centrifuge should ideally be placed clear of other disturbances, in a clear spot which does not vibrate and is not unstable. The device is capable of spinning at high speeds and the higher the RPM, the heavier the device (in general). Thus medical laboratories can afford to invest in a big one which is slightly heavy however since they will rarely be shifting it around. On the other hand if you require it to be portable, it would be wise to select a lower power one which is likely to be lighter.


The medical centrifuge being a very handy device is likely to be used several times a day, if not constantly. Hence it is necessary to select a good quality one that does not break down easily and at the same time has low maintenance as well.

Additional Features:

A medical centrifuge can come with several extra features and options that may require and can choose to include:

  • Keeping it cold: A refrigerated centrifuge as the name suggests can keep the contents cool. This is often required for certain samples. For example while running tests on blood, it is often vital to maintain the low temperature are which blood is stored.

  • Automatic lid lock: This makes sure that when the centrifuge is operational the lid locks automatically and hence if you do happen to attempt to open the lid it will not open. Additionally it is also necessary that if the lid does open for some reason while the centrifuge is operational it should shut down instantly.


The right centrifuge can make your day, while the wrong can set you back a month or two. Hence it pays to have some additional information about the device. Neuation Technoligies provides next generation laboratory equipment and also follows the ISO 9001 & USI 13485 standards. They are medical equipment manufacturers. Thus the benefit of picking one of the many centrifuge devices that they have to offer is that you can be certain that it is a feature rich, good quality device that has been built tough.