Usages and Functions of a Medical Centrifuge

Lab CentrifugeDoctor Centrifuge

  • Whether it’s a doctor’s office, laboratory or hospital environment, you will definitely find a medical centrifuge there. Or it would be more appropriate to say that without centrifuges, hospitals or laboratories are imperfect.

  • Thanks to modern technology and innovation that we have such devices that help researchers, doctors and lab technicians to analyze reports.

  • Medical centrifuges are mainly used for testing liquids and substances like blood in order to diagnose some medical conditions.

  • Laboratory centrifuge is compact, appealing and adjustable to small places. Some centrifuges are made up of plastic while others are made up of metal. As per its size, it can hold glass test tubes or vials.

  • Therefore, big laboratories and hospitals always purchase big sized centrifuges so that they can generate more reports.

  • With the help of centrifuges, lab technicians can easily study viruses, nucleic acids, proteins, polymers and blood. Also, centrifuges separate serum from blood and plasma and solids from liquids.

  • Mostly, researchers and others prefer those centrifuges which have timer and they are available with lower or higher speed capacity. Some centrifugation requires higher speed in order to diagnose some critical medical conditions. Therefore, high speed centrifuges are required.

  • However, depending upon their speed, there are centrifuges that work more efficiently such as eight hundred revolutions per minute (RPM) and two hundred RPM up to sixty thousand RPM.

There are many types of centrifuges available in the market and they all have somewhat different purposes as per their sizes. Here are some of them:

  • Microcentrifuges

  • Clinical Centrifuges

  • Stand-alone centrifuges

  • Multi-purpose bench top centrifuges

  • Moreover, like every centrifuges, laboratory centrifuges work by the same principle. Yes, the principle of sedimentation. But, ultracentrifuges are those which are high speed units and they are generally referred as bench top units.

  • Above all, centrifuges help produce perfect analysis of medical conditions if they are maintained properly.