What is purchasing procedures of centrifuges?


  • Centrifuges are costly laboratory equipment, it is essential to know what to consider when investing big bucks in lab equipment’s.
  • Experts have recommended some safety measures for those who need to buy centrifuges for their laboratories.
  • As centrifuges have specific usage for separating components in order to identifying specific results, one should check out following standard measurements before they make purchase of centrifuges.
  • Check out if centrifuges have interlocks or not. It is highly recommended that purchase a centrifuge that has lid with interlock in order to prevent the user from opening its lid while spinning.
  • Inner Safety lids: If possible buy those centrifuges that have inner safety lids for the rotor or bucket.
  • if a centrifuge does not have latches, avoid purchasing this type of centrifuge as it may lead to tube breakable or other problems while processing.
  • Moreover, one should verify if the centrifuge tubes are accurately balanced. Also, confirm if the tube length and the speed are in accordance to avoid any mis-happening in laboratories.

According to third party inspection, one needs to check the following important points:

  1. Design code
  2. Purchase order specification
  3. Purchaser’s standard
  4. Approved drawings
  • Even more importantly, have time in seeing applicable codes and standards such as API 610, BS 7787.
  • Thus, researchers or doctors can check out some measurements and standards codes for purchasing centrifuges depending upon their requirements.
  • As centrifuges are available in different types, it is but natural that each one wish to identify some common features and characteristics that help them purchasing quality centrifuges.
  • That’s why be cautious when it comes to high investment in centrifuges. After all, with the help of centrifuges, you are going to produce concrete reports.