Buying a centrifuge!


  • Before you think of purchasing any piece of laboratory equipment, centrifuges are of course there. There are many types of centrifuges available in the market and they are of different prices.
  • However, if you want to buy a centrifuge, some points to be considered seriously. Yes, this is for those who wish to purchase quality and authentic centrifuges to increase productivity of its usage and get the desired result out of your investment.

The following criteria will help you purchase quality centrifuge:

  • It’s capacity! Firstly, thing about why you need to buy centrifuge.
  • If you have full sized models or larger sample such as a plethora of 50 ml tubes, it is mandatory to check out the capacity of any centrifuge.
  • Because, if its capacity is lower that what you require, it doesn’t give expected results. That’ why capacity of centrifuge is very important matter.
  • Now the second most important point to notice while purchasing centrifuge is programmability.
  • You may want to know why programmability. Since many centrifuges are programmable while many are not.
  • If the existing application in your laboratory or clinic has variable speed and forces, then programmable centrifuges would be a great help. Otherwise, simply go for non-programmable centrifuge.
  • G Force/speed is another significant noticeable point. The application which you are operating is updated, and then it is required for you to verify the speed/force of centrifuge.
  • The reason is some economical centrifuge won’t be able to reach to your targeted speed.
  • Moreover, ensure if centrifuge is having a rotor. As most of the centrifuges are sold without a rotor, do not hesitate asking to the seller if a rotor is included or not. Depending upon your requirements, you can choose feasible rotor for your centrifuge.
  • At last, don’t miss verifying temperature control and voltage/plug of your desired centrifuges.
  • Many centrifuges are available with refrigeration. In addition to it, check out if a centrifuge is compatible to your present electric supply or not.
  • So, depending upon your requirements and budget, purchase the best quality centrifuges!

What is a Centrifuge?


Centrifuge is a kind of equipment that is generally driven by an electric motor that helps put an object in rotation around a fixed axis.

Centrifuge equipment is normally used in biochemistry, chemistry and biology in order to isolate and separate suspensions.
Above all, depending upon its speed and capacity, a centrifuge varies from each other.

Types of Centrifuge:

Centrifuge is also called as a laboratory centrifuge. Because of its various usages, they are available in different types. Let’s see various types of centrifuge.


  • Microcentrifuges are commonly used in research laboratories. With the help of micro centrifuges, one can easily process low volumes samples.
  • Microcentrifuges are available in different ranges. A range starts from personal centrifuge to refrigerated micro centrifuges.

Doctor Centrifuges:

Doctor Centrifuges

  • By its term ‘doctor’ it is identified that doctor centrifuges are useful for doctors. Yes, doctors use these centrifuges in to their clinics for clinical applications like PPP and PRP.
  • Moreover, doctor centrifuges are used in other diagnostic applications in the clinical as well as research laboratory.

Lab Centrifuges:

Lab Centrifuges

  • This is third type of centrifuge. It is known as Lab Centrifuges. These types of centrifuges have been used in multinational hospitals because of its multiple applications.
  • In addition to it, lab centrifuges are helpful in to universities, clinical laboratories, industrial laboratories, research laboratories and institutional laboratories.
  • Lab centrifuge is one of the latest equipment that has USB connectivity. Also, it is future-friendly centrifuge which has around 24 different rotor options.
  • Depending upon the requirement, you can use lab centrifuge and get maximum advantages for this modern device.
  • Whether you need doctor centrifuge, lab centrifuge or any other centrifuge, it is very much important to identify its authenticity.
  • So it is always recommended to purchase these kinds of expensive equipment from the authentic and certified manufacturers.