Centrifuges: Adding Safety and Versatility to High-Speed Separations

Centrifuge is common equipment for a laboratory. Scientists used this device for various different procedures and hence it is quite popular with them. For example if you need to separate the cells from a suspension you can do so by making use of a Centrifuge. This is not the only example; a centrifuge can be used for a wide range of processes like purifying DNA, RNA, or proteins.

iFuge L30 - The Laboratory Centrifuge

iFuge L30 – The Laboratory Centrifuge

Types of Centrifuges:

There are a wide range of applications of a Centrifuge device hence there is also a wide range of Centrifuges available. The Micro-centrifuge can spin 1.5 to 2 mili liter tubes at speeds that provided 20,000 times the force of gravity (g). Thus it is possible for molecular biologists to use this kind of centrifuge when purifying nucleic acids or proteins. It is also possible to use a multipurpose centrifuge instead of having many centrifuges, each for a specific task. The multipurpose centrifuge models come in benchtop or floor models and provide considerable versatility. It may have the ability to spin tubes ranging in volume from 1.5 milli-liters  to 1 liter and can even spin multiwall plates. You can go one better with the ultra-centrifuge. This device can spin tubes at a very high speed such that it generates 100,000 to 1,000,000 x g. They have the ability to provide nonstop spinning and thus can be used if large volumes need to be processed (up to a few thousands liters)

Comfort and Safety:

The centrifuge is laboratory equipment but that doesn’t mean it has to be hard to use or stress you out. For example a simple thing like making sure the lid closes easily can go a long way in increasing usability.

The safety of the centrifuge devices should not be taken lightly. It may seem like a harmless device but handles toxic substances sometimes. For example if a sample tube were to break in the centrifuge it is likely that the toxic material inside the tube may harm the operator.

Neuation is in the field of laboratory centrifuge manufacturing since a very long time and they know how to keep all concerned safe as well as provide a comfortable experience for the operator while using the centrifuge.

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