Different Types Of Lab Centrifuges

Neutation.com is a source of lab centrifuges that are useful for centrifugation of temperature sensitive material and for applications in research work in labs, educational institutions, Bio Technology, hospitals, medical laboratories, blood banks, and many other areas. They are easy to maintain and easy to use. Featuring a front touch pad with LED display, centrifuge machines spin different tubes including micro tubes and 250ml bottles. These lab centrifuges has a range of applications in growth observation studies, tissue culture, fermentation analysis, enzyme reaction studies, and many other specialized lab applications.

iFuge L30 The Laboratory Centrifuge

iFuge L30 The Laboratory Centrifuge

Neutation.com, one of the leading centrifuge manufacturers offers centrifuges that include good Rotor Heads Varying tube capacities. The machine is equipped with separate control panel with digital speed indicator, step less auto-variac speed control, digital timer, auto shut-off, digital temperature control, alarm signal and temperature indicator. Lab centrifuges also include zero-start inter lock, dynamic brake, safety cut-off and lid locking switch. They also feature an imbalance detection system that automatically switches off function when there is a significant imbalance.

With unique design, these centrifuges allow easy access to the top of sample tubes. Specific tube slots in the aluminum rotor support the tubes and their length and carry sample at the time of tube failure. Lab centrifuges are typically used for research and clinical purposes. They are available in different capacities and certain centrifuges come with additional features such as heating, refrigeration and robotic control for use in applications. You can choose from a variety of centrifuges as per your requirements. And, purchase can be made online and money can be paid using card or through PayPal. So, get world class lab centrifuges from the racks of Neutation.com at cheap price rate!

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