Points to Be Considered While Buying Micro Centrifuges

Centrifuges are the most commonly used and important laboratory equipment and widely used in hospitals and clinics. Microcentrifuges are used for processing different types of blood samples and they are available in various models. Selecting the right model is a challenging task and depends on your future requirement with the equipment.

Factors to be considered while purchasing Microcentrifuges

iFuge M08VT

iFuge M08VT

The Microcentrifuges used in medical laboratories vary in many features and hence a proper selection is must. These are the factors that can help you in the process.

  • Spinning speed of the equipment is very critical as revolutions per minute will vary with and hence should select one that suit your requirements
  • Consider whether to go for a non-refrigerated or refrigerated model. Equipment with refrigerated interior will help in protecting the sample from the damage of the heat.
  • Check whether the centrifugal tube is plastic or glass and also consider the dimensions of the tubes.
  • A centrifuge with a motor that is brushless would be ideal for labs that are relatively busy
  • Go for equipment that shows digital displays with status, speed and time for better efficiency.

Microcentrifuges have got wide variety of application in labs and for more information on different models you can log on to website www.neuation.com.

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The Neuation Lab Centrifuge Advantage


iFuge L30 The Laboratory Centrifuge

Neuation has always striven to innovate and excel in centrifuge technology. The in-house Neuation R&D team has outdone itself once again and added finesse to the study and creation of the new Lab Centrifuge. August end will also see the Neuation receiving it’s global certification.

New additions
The latest kids on the Neuation block are the iFuge L30 and the iFuge D06.
The iFuge L30 has been launched with a large back-lit LCD display. With a maximum capacity of 0.5ltr and up to 99 programs of 4 lines each, this rapid spin function wonder is an obvious choice for laboratory applications.

The design of the iFuge D06 has been optimised for PRP (platelet rich plasma) and PPP (platelet poor plasma) production in addition to other applications like RNA and DNA sampling.

The most evident advantages of the Neuation centrifuges are that they provide inexpensive reasonable performance. Power saver features and large LCD screens along with Compatibility to Environmental balance make them a wise choice.

Research sectors such as molecular biology, clinical and blood banking, drug discovery, genomics and proteomics, tissue culture and microbiology; rely heavily on the accuracy and precision parameters that Neuation Lab Centrifuge technology has always offered. CE certified and IVD approved Neuation centrifuge devices ensure that irrespective of the industry in which they are used, the accuracy and the strength of the lab equipment will be top-of-the-line

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